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Vazgen Pahlavuny-Tadevosyan

In the course of a conversation, Friedrich Nietzsche advised me to focus on the fact that human being is the chain between animal and angel. From then on, I began to search for a link in the evolution chain and examine each link in the chain. This is how I discovered VAZAN to be one of these links. The research took place over a period of ten years, in Armenia, Artsakh, Russia, Georgia, Lemuria, France, Germany, Kazakhstan, the British Isles, Atlantida, ... under and over seas, in the Caucasus and the Alps, in my dreams, in an Akashi chronicle, ... During this process, I received valuable advice from g. Gyurdjief, D. Andreyev, R. Steiner, M. Eliade, E. Tsiolkovski, Chuang Tzu, T. de Chardin and many others to whom I am very grateful.

VAZAN was born from my thousands of years of memory, from my present hopes and fears and from my future happiness. VAZAN is neither beast nor human, bird nor fish. (S)he is a being. (S)he is a parallel and metaphysical reality. (S)he iis not protected, but at the same time (s)he is the guarantee of our safety. (S)he is both pacifist and aggressive. (S)he is both static and dynamic.

VAZAN is colour, line, form virtual fact and a talisman too. (S)he is a code. (S)he is a metaphysical and artistic clone of myself. But (s)he has a soul and autonomy. It is possible that (s)he is an archetype and whatever else (s)he is, I don’t know and don’t want to know. (S)he is fed with my dreams, my passions, my doubts and my victories.

The human artist is a moving, thinking, feeling point between God and machine. And VAZAN, product of the artist, is running and taking Vazo to unknown and faraway places.

Vazgen Pahlavuny-Tadevosyan

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